Facts About Melanoma

Did you know?

  • The prevalence of malignant melanoma is increasing at a rate of 3–7% per year in many European countries.i
  • Over the past 30 years, there has been a 237% increase in the prevalence of advanced melanoma.ii
  • Melanoma comprises only 4% of all skin cancers but is responsible for 80% of skin cancer-related deaths.iii
  • Advanced melanoma is the fastest growing malignancy in men and the second-fastest growing in women.iv
  • In Europe, almost 68,000 individuals are diagnosed each year.v

The European Cancer Observatory provides the following cancer fact sheet for melanoma, showing the incidence and mortality for men and women in Europe.

Variable estimated incidence across Europe 2008vi

Country Incidence Rate* Number
European Union (27) 11.3 67,431
Belgium 12.9 1,594
France 10.4 7,532
Germany 15.5 16,231
Greece 2.9 407
Italy 11.0 8,003
Poland 5.4 2,333
Portugal 6.0 781
Switzerland 24.3 2,173
The Netherlands 20.3 3,787
United Kingdom 13.8 9,927


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